January 4, 2018

Fraiche La Vie = Fresh Life! Every year, I challenge myself to come up with a new word for the new year. Fresh has been my word for life, (as you can see by my choice of business name), but I recommitted to it anew this year. So, what does it mean to live a fresh life? The first thing I do when committing to a new word is to look up the definition. Here is the Mirriam-Webster definition of Fresh:



1 a : having its original qualities unimpaired: such as

(1) : full of or renewed in vigor : refreshed

  • rose fresh from a good night's sleep

(2) : not stale, sour, or decayed

  • fresh bread

(3) : not faded

  • lessons fresh in her memory

(4) : not worn or rumpled

  • a fresh white shirt

b : not altered by processing

  • fresh vegetables


2 a : not salt

  • fresh water


b (1) : free from taint : pure

  • fresh air

(2) of wind : moderately strong

  • a fresh breeze



3 a (1) : experienced, made, or received newly or anew

  • form fresh friendships

(2) : additional, another

  • a fresh start

b : original, vivid

  • a fresh portrayal

c : lacking experience : raw

  • coming fresh to the job

  • —Helen Howe

d : just come or arrived

  • fresh from school

e : having the milk flow recently established

  • a fresh cow



[probably by folk etymology from German frech]

: disposed to take liberties : impudent

  • don't get fresh with me


5 slang : fashionable, cool






WOW! Who would have thought there could be so many different meanings behind one simple word?! There are so many different definitions that jump out at me all at once and I'm sure there will be more blog posts to come on this topic. But, the one that jumps at me today is: b (1) : free from taint : pure. In every aspect of my life and business, I seek to be pure. To make sure that I don't give a watered down or false impression of myself to anyone. To be so pure, real, and honest in every interaction and every relationship, that everyone I come into contact with feels like they just breathed FRESH, pure air. 

I also apply this same principle to every Fraiche product. Every order that comes in get the same love, care, and commitment to quality. Only pure produce is used and always sourced responsibly. I peel, steam, blend, and package every order myself so that I can say with complete confidence that it is pure. No matter who is enjoying it, hopefully they feel FRESH after eating it. I want each and every one of my customers to feel like they are not only eating Fresh, but that the customer care they receive is top notch and a breath of fresh air! Fraiche (fresh) all around! 


What is your word for 2018? Feel free to share mine and feel fresh from the inside out! 


Look out for my next blog post and see what my dear friend and loyal customer has to say about how FRAICHE has helped her to recommit to freshness in her own life this year! 


Until tomorrow, Stay Fraiche my Friends! 








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